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Hi all - I know there have been several discussions on this before, but haven't seen any in the last several weeks so curious if others are still facing the issue with using GMail SMTP with iCloud mail (the push mail workaround for gmail whereby GMail forwards to iCloud to allow Push email after upgrading phones, using GMail SMTP to send from the Gmail account)?  I've tried all the fixes that others have reported some success using, but to no avail:


1. The "classic" work-around, using an iCloud account, disabling the primary iCloud SMTP server, and adding a secondary SMTP with the GMail details

2. Checked 2-factor auth is disabled

3. Disable Mail in the iCloud account and add an IMAP version of the iCloud account with GMail SMTP details - note this corrects the "send from" problem, but Push doesn't work

4. Try different GMail SMTP ports (465, 587, 25)

5. Rub my tummy and pat my head while spinning in a circle counting backward from 1,000


Been tracking the forms for a few months but still haven't found a solution that works - anyone have a different solution that has worked than the above?  Or has anyone heard anything from our friends in Cupertino?

iPhone 5, iOS 7.0.4