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I have an iphone 4.  All my contacts have vanished, except for 4.  I have turned the phone off and on, restarted my mac, hooked up my iphone to itunes to do a manual download and checked on icloud and in my contacts that they are all there and they are, except they won't download from my mac to my iphone.  In itunes there is no 'info' tab or anywhere which shows any reference to contacts to enable me to manually download them or icloud them.... I cannot figure out what is going on?  My phone and computer have the latest updates.... what next?

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    If all your contacts are available in your iCloud online address book, on your iPhone go to Settings > iCloud > Contacts > Turn Off.


    You will be prompted to Keep on My iPhone or Delete From My iPhone all previously synced iCloud contacts. Select Delete from My iPhone.


    Follow this by turning Contacts back on for over the air syncing with your iCloud account.


    If your Mac is now running Mavericks, there is no longer an option to sync contacts direct with the Address Book on your Mac via the iTunes sync process.

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    Thanks so much this worked :-)