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I have a nice brand new computer with Office 2013 on it which I would love to use with my iphone 5c. I've tried syncing about 30 times and it just doesn't carry over the categories properly or contact folders. I have over 1000 contacts, each contact is in a category and some of those categories are in folders. Everything is in the iCloud and was told by an Apple professional to just sync to a new install of Office 2013. Which I did multiple times. In every case on the sync, there were minor differences with the contacts. Most of the time the contact folder/groups would not come over. Categories would NEVER come over. Is Apple really trying that hard to play ball with Microsoft Office here? I'll seriously dump everything and go to Android, cause I see some of my friends never have issues and have full control on what they Sync and cannot. With Apple, you have one control panel with LIMITED options. And there are NO options even on email, contacts or calendar at all. Even after numerous calls to Apple, since I even paid for support for 365 days they can't even help me.

Yes, iTunes was reinstalled fresh. Yes, Office was reinstalled fresh. Everything was reinstalled fresh multiple times. If I list all my contacts after a sync none of the category colors transfer over properly. And then none of the contact folders transfer over, only half the time. If you have a lot of contacts and rely on this, this is a big problem. Also when you select NEW MAIL MESSAGE and then click the TO button, no contacts/address book in the box at all.


Apple, is your software even fully compatible with Office 2013. I'd really like to see an address book drop down that's in the icloud when creating a new message. Also, is there a "trick" to sync all my contacts and all their folders and categories properly with Office 2013? I spend more time troubleshooting Apple products then using them. While it may be fine for a teenager and all their photos, when you are trying to do business and need specific information this is not acceptable.