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Thanks for help

I can't use the bluetooth in car or at home...My iphone don't recognize anything since I upgrade my iphone with IOS7.0.4

iPhone 5, iOS 7.0.4
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    Hi rogerfromfra,


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    When you update your iOS, you may need to unpair your bluetooth devices and have the iPhone rediscover them again.   This is explained in the article below:


    iOS: Third-party Bluetooth accessories



    1. From the Home screen choose Settings > Bluetooth. If Bluetooth isn't on, turn it on.
    2. Choose a device and tap Unpair.


    How to pair with a Bluetooth accessory

    1. Follow the instructions that came with the headset or car kit to make it discoverable or to set it to search for other Bluetooth accessories. This may involve entering a passkey or PIN (Personal Identification Number).
    2. From the Home screen, choose Settings > Bluetooth, the iOS device searches for nearby Bluetooth accessories.
      Note: While your iOS device can maintain multiple pairing records, it can only connect to one headset or hands-free device at a time. This prevents your iOS device from sending your data to the wrong Bluetooth accessory.
    3. Choose the Bluetooth accessory, and then enter a passkey or PIN if prompted.
      • Bluetooth headset: Refer to the documentation for the headset to determine the passkey.
      • Bluetooth keyboard: Type the passcode displayed on the iOS device on the Bluetooth keyboard and then press Return.
    4. When pairing is complete, you can use the Bluetooth accessory with your iOS device.


    iOS: Troubleshooting car stereo connections






    - Judy

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    Thank you very much Judy,I've followed  exactly yours instructions and now I can use the bluetooth everywhere( car § home)



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    Hi rogerfromfra,


    I'm glad the information resolved your issue.   Enjoy your music!


    Happy New Year!


    - Judy