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I was given DVDs of Archives and an external drive with JPEG of ALL sizes, from 164x149 to 12648x9575 !  They are to be edited with HD Interviews in 960x720 at 23.98 fps, Aspect Ration HD (960x720) (16.9), Compressor DVCPRO HD720p60.

I chose the HD Interviews specs for the Sequence.  Do you recommend converting everything else (Archives and Stills) to the same Frame Size?  And converting the JPEG to TIFF?

Thank you in advance for any advice on this.

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    FWIW I use photos just as they come.


    Then I decide on an individual basis how I should treat them in the timeline.


    You may want the whole photo displayed or just a relevant section, in which case you enlarge and/or reposition it using the scaler etc. in the Motion tab.

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    Thank you for answering  my query.  Acrually I was talking about the pixels size, which I found out later should not go over 4000 in FCP.   Those over 7000 px wouldnt even play in FCP.  So I converted the photo over that size to 3800 width, then did whatever moves I wanted with Motion in FCP.