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Last night, when both my power adapter and laptop were showing signs that I was fully charged, my computer suddenly died.  I restarted my computer, and it said my battery was at 0%.  That night, I fiddled around until my power adapter said it was charging and then went to sleep.  This morning I come back, and my battery is at 0% still, but both charger and laptop show signs that it's charging (brighter screen, LED is orange, lightning on the battery icon).  Does anyone know what's going on?


I have a basic MacBook with the magnetic charger, and it's a few years old.

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    You may have to see if the information here is of some help, as applicable...


    • Apple Portables: Calibrating your computer's battery for best performance



    ...and the matter of System Management Controller, a reset? Maybe or maybe not.

    Read the part 'before resetting SMC' so get an idea that it may not be necessary...


    • Intel-based Macs: Resetting the System Management Controller (SMC)



    Not sure if there are any related items saved in NVRAM/PRAM for this issue.

    A link to that:


    • About NVRAM and PRAM



    Hopefully some of this helps. Could be another issue behind the symptoms.

    The Magsafe connector, or maybe a weak port on the MacBook?

    Good luck & happy computing!

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    a PS to the above:


    If you looked into the System Profiler ... about this mac > more info > ... there are sections about Battery and Charging, and this has information related to how the system sees the battery and charging circuits. That info may be helpful to find out more.


    Good luck & happy computing!