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ive discovered a program within Reaktor called Metaphysical Function and within bank 1 is a great pattern called Blue click bass.

I am trying to play a guitar piece over the top of this rolling rythmn (which has not been tampered with , the pattern is at its default settings) and as I record it all sounds in time, yet on playback it couldnt be more out of time. I dont suffer latency with recording in any way..but this pattern is not a synth part..its an automated sound that plays as soon as you click on the pattern number and this is obviously where I am confusing myslef. Im trying to use it as a looped rythmn and it does seem to be keeping itself in time as it plays but for me to record a guitar to it means its constantly unaligning my recorded part against it.

I dont have probs matching tempos in GB but 138bpm is perfect for about 8 bars then it loses sync again. I cannot mtach its BPM to save my life. Does anyone understand this program and how i can play a guitar line over it with no timing playback issues. Is it anything to do with the fact that when you press play /record the program is always starting at a diffrent point as its not a drum loop its an automated signal is how i can best describe it.

any comments greatly welcomed asI dont want to give up on the piece.

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