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Using iOS 7.0.4 on my iPhone 4s -- Settings | General | Usage says Mail is consuming 2.8 GB of Storage...how can that be so huge with so few messages and how do I manage this ridiculous number?


For reference, my iPad mini shows MAIL storage at only 183 MB...


Thanks,  Robb

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    It would appear based on your post that you have mail that is saved from an inbox. You make it sound as if you have checked all storage area in your inboxes. I would go to Settings to mail contacts and calendars to check to see if you have inbox accounts that possibly you are unaware of. I would check there to see if you don't have email storage areas that you are unaware of. IF you usage is showing you have this amount of storage as part of mail it definately is somewhere in your storage area - it will be up to you to find it and delete it. Good luck.

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    Thanks, but I have nothing in two Mail Inboxes or Archives that could possibly add up to 2.8 GB of storage burn. I would love to be able to find it and delete it...apparently that is the problem: how to find what is sucking so much space...I certainly do not see it.


    Secondly, why would this storage hog not show up on my iPad mini since both email accounts are mirrored there?

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    NN2RL wrote:


    Thanks, but I have nothing in two Mail Inboxes or Archives that could possibly add up to 2.8 GB of storage burn.

    The phrasing you used when posting this makes me curous to know if you have phyically gone to all areas of each inbox to check inbox folder, junk folders, spam folders?? to see if anything is there.

    What concerns me more than this is that you are indicating that you have two devices with differing uasage stats regarding this issue. This makes me wonder if you don't have email hanging up on the iphone that would require you to restore the device to resolve the issue.

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    Yes, I have gone to all areas of each inbox and looked...I find nothing. 


    Yes, I have two devices with differing usage stats regarding this issue...so how do I restore the iPhone to resolve this?


    Thanks again!

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    please read this article about backing up and restoring your device.

    I'll be here for awhile if you need fruther assistance. Don't hesiate to write back.



    good luck .

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    Thanks...I'm a little nervous about doing a complete wipe-out and restore of my iPhone, but I will give it a go.

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    Thank you, thank you!  I wiped and then restored the iPhone and now I have gone from <1 GB storage available to now more than 7.5 GB free, and more impotantly, my MAIL storage is way, way down to less than 2MB...I'm very impressed and I certainly thank you for your help!



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    Thank you  so much for your progress report! Glad I was able to assist you.