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i lost my ipad, but bow have found it.  i requested an erase.  is there anyway to stop the erase?

iPad 2, iOS 5.0.1
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    If you have not started the iPad, go to iCloud and cancel the request in Find My Phone.  Otherwise, take the iPad to an Apple store genius bar and explain what has happened, with proof of ownership, and ask the techs for help.

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    What I did Was: I entered in My Iclud Account, then I removed the devise from my account.. then it popped up a screen saying something like somebody else can use your phone or it will reappear if it connects to the internet.. anyway delete it, and then it will stop the deletion, then go to your lost and found devise and connect to find my Iphone app from it and it will reappear in my devises, anyway I made a copy of It before doing that, just in case.