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My macbook has suddenly started shutting down everytime i try to start it. Anyone else faced the same issue? How to fix this problem. Mine is 2012 Macbook pro

MacBook Pro, OS X Mavericks (10.9)
  • brenden dv Community Specialists

    Hi Santosh_Rec,


    If you are suddenly having unusual shutdown issues with your MacBook Pro, you may find the following article helpful:


    OS X: When your computer spontaneously restarts or displays "Your computer restarted because of a problem."




    - Brenden

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    Thanks for your help. I have zeroed on the issue to shutting down when i watch videos. Do you know if anyone else faced this? How to solve this.


    It works perefectly fine if i dont watch videos.

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    I have the same issue!

    Mine is a Mac Pro Retina 2012. My mac will shut down randomly when i watch videos as well as randomly when im working with other programs but mine is when it is off the charge.  Ive been in to see a apple genius and they ran there diagnostics and it came up with everything being alright. But ive been reading forums and a lot of people say they are unreliable ( the diagnostics tests). Ive done heaps of suggested things like restart my SMC and ive also done a complete wipe of the computer and it still happens. This all began for me about three to four weeks ago when I upgraded to OS X Mavericks.


    I dont know what to do now? Any suggestions?

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    Sorry to hear about the shutdowns.  Can you post your question in the MacBook Pro forum?  Your query should be in its own thread and in the correct forum.


    Please  download and run Etrecheck and post back the results in that new thread.



    Then post back here to let me know to go find it.


    In the mean time try the following workarounds: 

    Disable automatic graphics switching (http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4110).  Also try downloading gfxstatus and set the video to Intel.  http://gfx.io

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    Hello All,


    I have over the last couple weeks experienced lots of problems with my Macbook Pro 2011. At first it wouldnt awaken very quickly, then wouldnt respond to the power button.today it gave up completely and would shut down by itself, then tell me it had experienced a problem hit any key blah blah blah.

    I tried the usual SMC reset and the VPRAM, both allowed me to temporaily to get back into my computer but then within seconds/minutes it would cut out again.

    Sometimes the internal RAM failure 3 bleeps would start. I know that there wasnt an issue with damage as my MB is well looked after and well pimped out internally.

    I checked for relevant updates, of which there were none, did a disk utility check which highlighted some errors and required a recovery boot and fix. But still didnt resolve the causing issue.


    Then I thought back to my pimped out internals. I am running a Crucial M500 SSD and Normal hard drive. I checked to see whether my Trim Enabler was still current and active. Lone and behold it was inactive for some reason and required an update.


    This seems to have resolved the problem and my system is running alot quicker and efficiently, all functions are working as they should. this also supports the Bleeping as "Internal failure" perhaps? I think its Mavericks not playing fair!


    Im no expert, but this has worked for me. Hope this helps in for someone else.



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    No Im full of it. it didnt work. However!!! After another 6 hours of messing around the SMC Reset and th VPRAM resets do work!!! My MB is fast as F*&K again, it responds promptly to opening and closing the lid even when movies are playing and no crashing!


    From watching the You Tude videos, be sure to hold the shift ctrl and alt button + Power button down for about 10 seconds then realease all at once. then re press the power button as you would do normally. If the reset has been activated you will hear the fans blowing constantly.

    Leave it doing this for a few minutes.


    Go to about this mac / Power/ and you will see that the power info has changed and doesnt show all the previous options. No shut down the MB and repeat the entire proceedure again. Once you get to the login screen if all the keyboard lights come on the system has reset and once again will recognise your charger as powering the MB.


    Do the VPRAM reset for good measure too. Everything should now be fixed....

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    Maybe "It has to do with an 'autopoweroff' setting that appears to be new and annoying.

    When plugged in, goes from sleep to hibernate after 4 hours of sleep (or 14,400 seconds).


    Very easy to turn off.


    This after many hours of research and discussion with no help from the folks at Apple.


    Basically, to query the settings (enter this from Terminal):

    pmset -g | grep autopoweroff


    You'll see the autopoweroff set to '1' and autopoweroffdelay set to 14400.


    To actually turn that 'feature' off:
    sudo pmset -a autopoweroff 0

    (then enter your Mac password)


    Now it will just sleep when plugged in and not go into hibernate.


    You can also tell the Mac how long before it powers off via the autopoweroffdelay setting (if you like this silly feature), but I just turned the sucker off."


    check auto-power-off delay status: Apple Menu->About this Mac->More Info->System Report->Hardware/Power/SystemPowerSettings

    related thread: Re: MacBook Pro Retina 15" Auto Power Off