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The title says it all.


I did the upgrade two years ago or so, but only now got the idea to ask here.


I replaced a Toshiba 40GB 4200rpm HDD with WD 320GB 5400rpm IDE drive in an ibook G4, mid 2005.


I checked the power consumption in the manufacturers specs. If they are right the new drive does not draw more power at start up or in stand by, than the old drive.


Symptoms: when sleep is activated in energy settings or you choose "Go to sleep" from teh menu manually, the white lid light flashes one time and the iBook goes dead. You have to disconnect the battery and the power chord, after that it will start again. No PMU reset does cure this.


I have another ibook G4, where the dirve was already upgraded to a Samsung 160GB, when I got it, and that does not have the sleep issue.



PowerMac, Mac OS X (10.4.11), PowerMac G4 AGP or Gigabit Ethernet