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I know this has been hashed and rehashed, but I can't find anything that is definitely resolved or specific to my problem.

For the most part everything is working well. I did the Bootcamp Install, got the drivers off my Snow leopard disc. My first problem was the wifi not connecting even though it saw my wifi connection. This is still a problem to an extent but I can resolve it usually - just kind of annoying.

The REAL trouble I'm having is the audio. I installed the drivers off the snow leopard disk with no luck, i downloaded the realtek drivers off the website and installled those with no luck. No sound. At first I was getting sound through headphones, but no mic (i also had the red light in the head phone jack which I saw some people post about.) Anybody figured this out yet? I've been reading a ton to figure it out. Thanks!

(Also - My macbook is fully updated. I also downloaded and installed all of the windows updates (140) something.)

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5), Bootcamp