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Hi Everyone,

I have a movie that I want to put on my ipad that is in .mp4 and it's the correct format, resolution and everything. I put it into itunes with no problem, however it went to the home videos section. I dragged it into the ipad icon in itunes and it synced successfully, but went to my music section. I went to the "get info" window of my video and it said the media type was music. I know how to change it and put it into movies but the box was greyed out and wouldn't let me change the media type. I have no idea to fix this and I know the video can sync to my ipad because it's on my tablet but in the music section. How do I do this? BTW it also doesn't show up in the home sharing because of it's media type regardless of it being in my movies section.

iPad 2, iOS 7.0.3