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Okay, so I know this has been discussed numerous times already on here, but I haven't found an answer yet that works for me.


I just bought a new iPod Touch (gen. 5) after my old one broke. I've only had it for a little over a month, but this problem has been there since the beginning. When I go to 'shuffle' to listen to my music, my iPod will skip over several songs before finally playing one. If I try to go back, the same process occurs. It also happens when I click on one song specifically. The cover art and everything is still there, but the song just won't play, not even for a few seconds.


I've heard people suggest deleting and re-downloading all of the 'broken' songs, but, one, I would have to delete the majority of my music (due to the fact that about 3/5 of my music wont play...if not more), and two, a lot of my music comes from CD's that I've burned. To go through and try to find all of those CD's again would be ****, and I really don't want to go through it if the method may not work anyway.


I'm really upset and I don't know what to do about this problem, and I would love if someone could give me a helpful answer. Thanks a bunch!

iPod touch, iOS 7.0.4