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I often use the desktop sharing function for my different Macs in my home network. This worked fine for years.


In the meantime the function strikes: it does not show sleeping Macs any more. And if so, often the hibernating Macs do not awake when selecting them in the finder though this is explicitly marked in the system preferences to save energy. In this case only a manual wake-on-lan command helps to wake the Mac and then again start the desktop sharing via finder.


My network contains a Telekom Speedport W 921V and an Apple Airport Extreme (1. generation), which is working in bridge mode. Both are connected via Ethernet.


Has anyone help?

  • CheesedOffWithIT Level 1 Level 1

    I am having much the same problem - one moment my imac shows up on the list then it's not there.


    My imac is at my office localtion and I am accessing via my macbook pro.  Both run Mavericks, both are set up with Back to My Mac and Remote Management is selected.


    My ancient MacPro running Mountain Lion is the one machine that always shows up on my Finder list and is the least grumpy.  (although it can have its moments).


    Is Mavericks the issue here I wonder?