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Hi Apple-Techno-Minds,


I have an iBook which I am wanting to sell however the screen seems to not be responding at all. The computer definitely turns on (get start up tone and can hear fan and other "clicks and grits") and I would like to restore it to factory to remove as much personal detail on there as I can. I currently have 4 othe Mac's sitting in the house however no combination of any of the cables I have allow me to hook the iBook up as an external hard drive or to an external monitor to accesss the HD.


I could go buy a cable which hooks it up to the monitor however I will never need that cable again. Is there any option to restore with out being able to see that screen? Or is there a way I can confirm that the screen has had it and not just a hardware issue?




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    Depending on the age of the iBook, you may be able to use Target Disk Mode.  While I don't recommend installing any software that way, it would at least be able to tell you if there is anything on the machine worth saving without having to do any open heart surgery.

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    There is a chance, the computer may be able to work OK or for a time, with reset, depending on where the problem really is:


    •About NVRAM and PRAM:



    •Resetting PoweBook and iBook Power Management Unit (PMU

    Power Management Unit (PMU) http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1431


    And there's that Target Disk Mode via FireWire cable as noted above.


    If iBook is a white G3 or G4 (or second generation G3 colors) it should

    have a FireWire400 port. The cable would vary depending on what a

    newer Mac on the other end has for Firewire (ie: FW800 or FW400.)


    There was an original VGA adapter for use with external display.


    Hopefully this may be of help.


    Good luck & happy computing!