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So last night I was using my iPod Touch for iMessage, Kik and a couple of other apps when randomly the screen turned grey for about 10 seconds and then it went black. I assumed it had turned off however the power button nor the home button did anything. The iPod was compltely unresponsive. I went to bed and when i woke up, a good 7 hours afterwards the ipod was showing the 'out of battery' symbol, so I plugged it in and went to school. Returning from school, I pressed the home button and the lockscreen showed, however seconds after it froze and went black again. It has now been six hours since this and the ipod is still unresponsive. I have also tried rebooting it by holding the power and the home button, however nothing happens.


When I plug it into iTunes it doesnt even recognise that there is anything plugged into my laptop

It is not jailbroken and only 2 months old, please help!

iPod touch, iOS 7.0.4