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Does Windows utilize full MP (Late 2013) hardware under Boot Camp?


I am looking at purchasing the new Mac Pro (late 2013) as a workstation-class computer for multiphysics modeling (look up COMSOL, Ansys HFSS, or CST if you need to know). HFSS and CST are windows only and all three are heavy RAM users while also being graphics hogs (think of CAD on steroids, or maybe just really large CAD files) ruling out virtual machines. We also have space constraints here in my university research lab, hence the Mac Pro versus many other windows options.


I basically want to know just that, would a 64GB RAM, dual GPU machine work efficiently in Windows 7/8? Does anyone have experience with this versus "it should?" Or maybe someone has run benchmarks on the new Mac Pro under Windows? Thanks ahead of time for any help provided.