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Mac OS X

I'm getting an intermittent keyboard freeze - my trackpad isn't affected.


Now and again, sometimes a couple of times a day, sometimes several times over a ten minute period, no keys on the keyboard work. If I switch between applications with my trackpad it's the same for safari, terminal and everything else. It seems to stop after a while - I've tried turning airport on and off in case it's a network problem, but it isn't clear if that helps.


It seems to happen when I switch applications an copy and paste things.


Has anybody seen anything similar on a mid-2012 15" Macbook Pro Retina?


Any suggestions on how to fix it?


I don't seem to get it on my iMac - but I'm not completely certain.

MacBook Pro with Retina display, OS X Mavericks (10.9.1), 2,3 GHz Intel Core i7 8 GB 1600 MHz
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    Mac OS X

    1. Reset SMC.     http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3964


        Choose the method for:

        "Resetting SMC on portables with a battery you should not remove on your own"


    2.Reset PRAM. http://support.apple.com/kb/PH4405

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    Mac OS X

    I tried all the superstitious resetting stuff that dominic23 suggested - and it had no effect. So my SMC and PRAM are truly reset and the problem remains - or has, possibly, got worse.


    The good news is that I've got a better picture of what the problem actually is. It isn't a 'Keyboard freeze', it is a 'read freeze'.


    This morning, when I came to log in to my macbook, I pressed on the 'ctrl' and 'cmd' keys and the login window cam up - so the keyboard was working. I was also able to move the mouse, so the trackpad was working.


    However, I was unable to log in because the password box would not read any characters I pressed. I tried various things, but I was unable to turn off wifi, so, in the end, I had to reboot the machine (so the reboot key worked).


    When the machine came up, the login screen was able to read the characters again and I logged in with no problem.


    Unfortunately, because I had to reboot, I wasn't able to send a configuration dump to Apple as I've done the previous times.


    I'd be interested to know if other people have this problem - it looks like an intermittent driver problem with Mavericks - though it've not seen it on my iMac, so it seems to be a retina Macbook Pro problem.

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    Mac OS X

    This is still happening. It seems to be quite random.


    Not only the trackpad continues to work, but also cmd-tab, so you can switch between applications and the cursor works fine - it is only text input (to web-pages, Pages, Windows and Terminal) that stops.


    Any suggestions anybody?


    Anybody seen the same thing?

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    I have the same issue with mid-2012 15" Macbook Pro Retina

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    Mac OS X

    I now have exactly the same intermittent problem on my new macbook - Macbook Pro Retina 15-inch, Late 2013.


    I just had it a few minutes ago. The freeze lasted for about five minutes, but then resolved itself, so I can now type.


    What happens is:


    - I can't type (not into browser, or rename in finder, or terminal)

    - I can use special keys, such as Alt-Tab - so it's a whole keyboard freeze, just text input

    - The trackpad works well


    Often this happens and I can get rid of it by moving the safari window about. This time I moved that safari window and switched to other applications and submitted a dump to apple all with the freeze remaining.


    It seemed to go away when I left the machine for a few minutes.


    CPU was very low 1.5. The only odd application seemed to be com.apple.appkit.xpc.openAndSavePanelService


    Any suggestions?


    This has now lasted from 10.9.1 to 10.9.2 and between a Macbook Pro retina mid-2012 and late-2013.

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    Mac OS X

    This is still happening. Quite a lot - several times a day. The freeze stops input to safari and some other screens. The keyboard isn't dead, you can switch between apps with apple tab. Just input.


    If you move the screen, then it usually stops - actually, when you move the screen, it suddenly jumps, normally down to the bottom and left and, when you move it back to the middle, it works.


    I've now had this on two quite separate macbook pros. I've had it on !0.9.1, 10.9.2, and, now maybe even more than before, on 10.9.3.


    Having it happen on a completely different macbook pro suggests to me that it's not a hardware or PRAM problem.


    I'm not sure if there's any monitoring plug-in that I could add to safari to give more information when the freeze happens.


    I've never seen it happen on my iMac...

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    Hi Fusbariclation:


    I had pretty much the same technical issues with Mac Book Pro Mid 2012, 15'


    My problem was related to typing wrong characters. I remembered that sometimes I could not enter my Apple password to use my MBP. Also when I wanted to open a website link, instead to opening the website, it started downloading the website as a file. It was totally unresponsive including menus, edit, paste, or disappearing windows you were using. A total intermittent disaster. Those problems started on Nov 2013 and then the problem did not shows up until January 2014. I was looking at websites that help me to solve this technical problem since I was busy at school. So I visited apple forums and other websites to review  other users suggestions and I found out that by pressing CTRL+ALT+3 the issues can be solved, well it was an act of magic because the issues get fixed but only temporally.


    I was so busy at school to go to the Apple Store. Despite of that, even If I went to apple store on November 2013 or January 2014 (before my warranty expired), it does not make any difference because the problems will be still there and I said that because I went to Apple Store later on late Feb or first weeks of March, but Apple support team did not solve anything. they tested my mac and apparently my computer passed their tests. I trust them and went back home but the problem was still there, they could not see the ghost intermittent problem with my MBP. I took my computer to my university technical support team and they could not detect the issue neither but they run a test that shows up graphics to check the performance of my hard-drive and read that hard drive mbp was not performing as an standard mbp.


    I am so upset with Apple because I had a final exam at university and this intermittent issue shows up again in the middle of the exam and I failed the exam and this exam was the total of my grade. I paid over 5,000 dollars for my university course.


    Has somebody had same issue that would like to share with me.

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    Mac OS X

    I'm afraid that I still have the problem. It only happens on my macbook pro, never on my iMac.


    It happens several times a day. I have to click on the frame of the browser to move it - it then jumps a few cm to the left, but then works.


    Updates to the OS, resetting PRAM, etc. etc. etc. all make no difference at all.


    It is also just a freeze on input to browser forms - you can still use the keyboard for cmd-tab to go through applications, for example. So it isn't a keyboard freeze.


    It freezes in safari and firefox - so it isn't just a safari bug.


    There's something about screen reads that just freezes Mac Pro input. I've not seen anybody get a serious answer to this. It's also intermittent, so, if you take it to an Apple shop, you're likely to find that it doesn't happen there - but happens as soon as you get home.