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I'm trying to figure out how I to get a Mac running OS X 10.9, with iCloud Keychain enabled, to *not* automatically connect to WiFi, even if the WiFi radio is turned on and a known network is reachable. The lack of a simple 'disconnect' feature in OS X has me puzzled.


There are two obvious answers to this question, neither one of which is suitable for my use-case. The first answer would be to turn off wifi on the Mac in question. Even though the machine in question is connected to the network via ethernet, I want the WiFi radio to remain on. The second answer would be to delete the known WiFi network(s) from the Mac in question. This second scenario is also not feasable, since removing the WiFi network on one machine will also remove it from all my other machines (the result of iCloud Keychain being enabled).


So with these two options eliminated, what else can I do to acheive the desired result?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.4), Mid '11 27", 3.1 i5, 12GB DDR3
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    Can you expain why you want to do what to do this.  That might help someone propose a solution that works for you.


    Would it work to tell your WiFi network to "Ask to Join Networks" so that you can refuse?


    Some things that come to mind, no sure if they will work for you, but you could create new Network Locations, with different WiFi preferred networks.  You could remove the local networks from the list.


    If you have multiple Network Locations created, you could use ControlPlane to automatically switch between the Locations depending on whether you are connect to ethernet or not, or based on your location (mostly that would be determined by what WiFi SSID names are in the area).



    Again, if you explain why you want the setup you desire, it might give someone else an idea on how to help you.