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Let me see if I can get this right. When I launch a track to record ( I do voice-overs) and before closing Logic I save that just recorded track, does that mean that track is "active?" And if I go to the audio files and trash the unwanted past recorded files, and I include the track that is still active, is that the reason when I go back to Logic and launch it I get that dialogue box with skip, skip all, serach, etc. that ( for the sake of the question) New Track VO#24 can not be found because it is missing from the audio file, is that the reason it doesn't open right onto the track? Am I clear? Maybe what I need to understand is if I elect to save a track but trash it, ( taking all tracks from the audio file in Logic, and putting it in the trash) when I go back to relaunching Logic it's gonna always show me the dialogue box, and not directly open to the track because it's looking for that active track. Any one who can help me, appreciate the answer.