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Ok, I have done it again. I edited a documetnary yet, forgot to have a photographer on the set.


I have captured some great images using my HVX200 but of course when exporting a still from FCP, the resolutin is only 72dpi and I need 300.


Could I import teh stills from FCP into Photoshop and just change the dpi? Would this be suitable for printing the images?

When doing that, it seems just to make them a larger photo.





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    Yes, you can change the DPI to 300. No, this won't make the images any sharper.  They started out 1280x1080, 72dpi.  Merely increasing the DPI won't make them higher resolution.  It will still look like video.  If you hire a photoshop pro, a graphics designer, they might have a few plugins in their toolkit that can help, like Genuine Fracals that help with upscaling smaller images, plus know-how on how to deal with this. But it won't look like it originated from a 12 MP camera.


    Suitable for printing? That's up to you. How does it look to you?