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Currently having an issue with iTunes and iPhone Sync.


Key details>


1.Have iTunes Match. Have attempted to resolve with and without iTunes Match.

2. iPhone 5 (64GB) is on latest IOS as is my MacBook Pro.

3. Have tried synching via cable; via WiFi and over the mobile network


Fault >


When synching to my phone from iTunes the Sync gets to 6 of 6 and pauses for a long time. When I then check the music the playlists that have been selected to Sync have not transferred over.


A large number of the songs that should have transferred over have a red circle around a square as if they are waiting to load but they won't do so. Pressing play on a list like this just results in lots of skipping along before it reaches a track that has loaded (if at all).


Songs that are showing on my iTunes and have been uploaded to iTunes match do not load onto my iPhone; and in some cases an entire artists work is missing from the iTunes "not on this iPhone" list.


I have only one iPhone that I sync this account and Mac to.


The whole point of having a 64GB iPhone is to be able to Sync as much of my music accross as possible.


I've reset passwords on the account.
I have reset and restored the phone.


Still doesn't work.


One additional point.


This issue started when ITunes Radio appeared on my handset. I am not in the US and cannot use this service. Is this related to the problem?

iPhone 5, iOS 7.0.4, Synching with latest iTunes OSX