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I have upgraded to the iphone 5s about 3-4 months ago, and my data usuage has gone up and over within 2 weeks of the billing cycle. with my old iphone it never went over the 4g limit, and that was with nike + and pandora running apps loaded [im a runner and have done this with 3 half marathons in one month plus additional miles]. i am now afraid to even use pandora for an hour on my phone. I have turned off as many things as possible to lighten up the data usage, ie LTE is off, and so is a lot of location servces and background app refresh. i still cant figure out why im reaching my max data usuage so quickly when i am using it 80% less than i use to.


is anyone else having similar issues and has anyone found a solution to this?



i have also done a factory reset on my iphone to see if it helps at all - since, that is apples answer to everything.


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    I've seen this, as well, on an iPhone 4s.  Eventually the high-data-usage went away, seemingly on it's own (and after calling AT&T a couple of times to get the overage removed from my bill).


    Having said that, one thing to check is to turn "Documents & Data" off...  Settings>iCloud>Documents & Data.  I'm thinking this can push and pull a lot of data to/from iCloud very quickly.  Photos under iCloud might do the same...


    Hope this helps...