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I recently installed a plugin from a somewhat sketchy site and my mac has since been acting odd. On startup the finder bar did not appear for a few minutes (this has never happened before) and my Safari is running slower than usual. In addition, it's taking longer for icons and applications to load up right when I turn on my computer, again something that has not happened before.


I did several scans with Sophos, found nothing, and uninstalled it. Would removing the downloaded plugin pack fix my problem or is that not how these things work?


Thanks for the help.

MacBook Pro
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    Since the problems didn't start until you downloaded "sketchy" software, then I would say there is no doubt that it is what is causing your issues. Remove it....as soon as possible. And if you want your Mac to continue to function well, I would suggest not downloading anything that you have any doubts about....





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    Ok my only problem is that the symptoms don't seem "severe" enough to warrant panic. There's definitely a change, but I could also just be hyper-aware since I knew the site was shady. At what point would it be a big enough problem that it could be a virus? Or is any amount of change possibly infection related?

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    Not a virus, however, bad software is bad software. Get rid of it.



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    What was this plugin pack, and where did you get it from? If we can examine it, we can tell you more about it and how concerned you should be.