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My laptop with fcp 6 had to go into the shop for a new graphic card.  To finish a project, I just downloaded my final cut pro 6 discs onto my imac.  On my laptop, all my footage is captured and appears immediately in the viewer.  Using FCP 6 on the imac, the same footage is all white.  I can hear the audio.  The footage has the following information.  1920 x 1080, mpeg-2 Video, Linear PCM, Time Code, Color Profile: HD (1-1-1).  Two audio channels.  What can I do to use this file right away, like on my other computer.  I believe I have Quicktime Pro 7 on my laptop.  Is that the answer?  I can convert everything with mpeg streamclip and then use the files, but I would rather be able to edit with the footage right away.  Thanks for your help.

Final Cut Pro 6, Mac OS X (10.7.5), Macbook Pro 8 GB RAM