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We have phone numbers in our Exchange Global Address Book. They look like 111-111-1111 ext2222 , where 2222 is extention.

It works for Blackberry. Now we are tying to use ActiveSync on iPhones and that extention doesn't work.


Could please advise how the phone field should look like in order to work on both iPhone and Balckberry.



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    I don't know what works on Blackberry, but to enter a contact name on iPhone with an extension, do this:


    Enter the phone number, then press the "+*#" key in the lower left.  Doing so will reveal "Pause" and "Wait" buttons that can be added to the telephone number.  Choose whatever is appropriate.  ("Pause" waits two seconds.)

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    Thanks for your reply.


    The question that I still have is what I should put in Exchange Address Book? Which charater should be there?