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I have a group text with two of my friends. here's each person break down


person 1 ATT network, using imessage


person 2 verzion network, using imessage


person 3 verzion network, using SMS



All three of us are in a group chat. When person 1 sends a message, person 2 recieves it, but person 3 does not. Then when person 3 sends a message, both person 1 and 2 get it. When person 2 sends an Imessage, person 1 and 3 get it



so the problem is when person 1 sends an imessage, it doesnt change to sms and person 3 doesnt get it, but person 2's automatilly switches it to green.


How can person one get their phone to automaticlly switch it to green in group message while keeping on imessage?

iPhone 5, iOS 7.0.4
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    The quote below from http://support.apple.com/kb/HT5760 indicates that it in the situation you describe it should be going as MMS to everyone -- which is not what you are seeing actually happen (and also not what you want to happen if I understand correctly). There may be something else helpful in the link.

    Group messages will be sent using iMessage if all recipients have iMessage enabled. If not, the conversation will be sent as MMS. Group messages use MMS even if the content is text only.