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How do I download a pre ordered album?

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    HERS HOW TO FIX!! To download the preorder you have to go into ITUNES PREFERENCES→CLICK THE STORE TAB→check the box that says AUTOMATICALLY CHECK FOR AVAILABLE DOWNLOADS also check DOWNLOAD PRE-ORDERS WHEN AVAILABLE. click ok and the albums and songs you pre-orderd should begin to download. This should fix all these issues with the preordering.

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    This did NOT fix the problem for me.  I have both boxes checked, but I still do not get downloads (not even when executing "check for available downloads"). Is this unique to iTunes for Windows, or are Mac Users having the same problem?


    Here are my preferences:


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    Just to give Apple some additional proof that this really is happening, shown below is a screenshot of the Apple store with the dialog box saying that all purchases have been downloaded, while the iTunes store window behind it clearly shows this to be false.  The only way to get the purchases is to manually click each "download" button. This is tedious.  They are supposed to download automatically when settings are as shown above (where both "Always check for available downloads" and "Download pre-orders when available" are checked).



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    UPDATE: I complained to iTunes "support" about this, and they said that automatic downloads are not supported for TV shows. They were completely unsympathetic to the fact that this limitation is not clear from the iTunes preferences, which says "download pre-orders when available" without any qualifications, nor were they apparently willing to come to this support thread to say so themselves.  Overall, "iTunes support" is an oxymoron.  They just encouraged me to submit this as a feature request, which is irritating since the correct behavior (to download all preorders of any media type) used to be how iTunes worked.  Why would someone preorder something if they don't want to actually get it?