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          Hello There.


I want to transfer a photo from Aperture to an other external photo web site.They will only accept 1024 in length and it has to be no larger then 300 KB.

My photo in general are much larger. Can you advice?  Thank You very much for looking into this situation. John Basso.

iMac, OS X Mavericks (10.9), iPhone 4.
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    Select your image in Aperture and use "File > Export > Version".


    In the Export panel press the "+" button in the lower left corner to define your own export preset with the settings "Jpeg" and "Size to 1024x1024".


    Experiment with the "Image Quality" slider, until you have a file size that is small enough. Quality "8" should give a relatively small file.


    Screen Shot 2014-01-10 at 08.58.41.png

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                   Thank You Léonie, for your quick reply.In your explanation clicking on>  "File > Export > Version".

    My window displays a different drop down menu.Which show a 3 panel display.The left panel > desktop user document's etc.I have to click on the Aperture logo.Go to presets > export image.Than I get the right window where I can adjust my files to the required pixels and sizes required necessary for his LUF Leica web site. Anyway I got it working albeit a bit slow as it is new to me.The DPR web site is much simpler to post , etc. The OSX version I use is 10.9.1

    Could that have been the difference? Thank you so much for your help. John Basso.