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Before spending hours compressing my HD self contained Quicktime file to H264 or MP4, can you help me save time if you know that it's impossible to reduce 89GB to the 4.7GB of a DVD?  Should I already break the file in 2 parts (it's in Act 1 & Act 2) - which would still be 44GB each!  And also I read that H264 and MP4 have to be converted before they can be burned to a DVD?  Is that correct?  I only have DVD Studio.  Unfortunately, I have to have this DVD done by tomorrow, so not much time to experiment.  I would be immensely grateful to anybody sharing their knowledge.  Thank you very much. 

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Solved by Shane Ross on Jan 10, 2014 3:17 PM Solved

Half the quality of a HIGH QUALITY burn. 1 pass at encoding instead of 2.  And since it is now SD and not HD...of course it won't look as good as the HD. 


Depends on how good of quality you want to show them....

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    atl. route


    If You got iDVD - then in FinalCut Pro

    - Export as QuickTime .mov - NO QUICKTIME CONVERSION

    - drop this file into a Brand New iDVD Project

    - SELECT Encoding Quality - I only use Pro-Quality encoding


    - Test it first - If OK


    - burn at slow speed via iDVD (need re-calculation)

    . or - burn via Disk Util tool - STILL AT x2 or MAX x4 speed (no need for re-calculation)


    Yours Bengt W

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    iDVD - DO NOT CARE about Gb or Mb - at all - only duration


    Pro Quality encoding - Up to 120 minutes (incl MENU - can be 15 minutes or more) on SL-DVDs


    Best Performances - up to 60 minutes incl Menu


    High/Best Quality - Lowest of them all - up to 120 minutes


    about x2 on DL-DVDs


    I only use

    - Verbatim

    - SL-DVD-R

    - Slow Burn Speed x2 or max x4


    Good Luck - Yours Bengt W

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    The size of your master has nothing to do with it...only the total running time.  Compressor has presets for various running times, maxing out at 150 min.  So you can use that for a two stage process with DVD Studio Pro...or simply take the master output into DVD Studio Pro direct:


    #42 - Quick and dirty way to author a DVD


    Shane's Stock Answer #42 - David Roth Weiss' Secret Quick and Dirty Way to Author a DVD:


    The absolute simplest way to make a DVD using FCP and DVDSP is as follows:


    1. Export a QT movie, either a reference file or self contained using current settings.


    2. Open DVDSP, select the "graphical" tab and you will see two little monitors, one blue, one green.


    3. Select the left blue one and hit delete.


    4. Now, select the green one, right click on it and select the top option "first play".


    5. Now drag your QT from the browser and drop it on top of the green monitor.


    6. Now, for a DVD from an HD source, look to the right side and select the "general tab" in the track editor, and see the Display Mode, and select "16:9 pan-scan."


    7. Hit the little black and yellow burn icon at the top of the page and put a a DVD in when prompted. DVDSP will encode and burn your new DVD.


    THATS ALL!!!


    NOW...if you want a GOOD LOOKING DVD, instead of taking your REF movie into DVD SP, instead take it into Compressor and choose the BEST QUALITY ENCODE (2 pass VBR) that matches your show timing.  Then take THAT result into DVD SP and follow the rest of the steps.  Except you can choose "16:9 LETTERBOX" instead of PAN & SCAN if you want to see the entire image.

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    Dear Bengt, thank you for answering my question.  I don't have iDVD and I never used iMovie before.  Also never heard of SL-DVD-R, and certainly my client never did either.  So, too many unknown and too little time.  I have to find a solution with what i have:  Compressor and DVD Studio Pro.  But many thanks for coming to the rescue.  I owe you one.

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    SL-DVD-R are the normal Single Layer DVD-R and they are an elderly standard but works on many more DVD-Players.


    Yes Compressor and DVD Studio Pro are the best possibly tools  to use. To me a bit tricky - but still the best. Here too You can use Pro Quality DVD encoding - two pass encoding.


    Good Luck - Yours Bengt W

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    Thank you Shane for sharing your dirty secrets!  When I read your mail I had already used Compressor on a .mov self contained file which I had reduced from 1920x1080 to 720x480 thru Quick Time Conversion...  and I was already burning it in DVDSP.  I figured I'd finish and see.  It failed to produce a VIDEO_TS file, because there was a "DVD element VOB missing". 

    I'm starting over with a self contained 1920x1979 QT, but instead of Best Quality I chose Fastest Encoding in Compressor.  I hope I'm not in for another wrong choice?  I'm going through Compressor to have the 2 files for DVSP, and use TOAST to create several copies of the DVD fromt the VIDEO_TS.  Do you approve?

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    FAST is fine for approval, but not final. It's low quality...thus, FAST.


    I don't use Toast, so I cannot approve or not. Unsure if the files Compressor spits out will work for it or not. I always use my listed method, or just output to a DVD recorder

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    Thank you Shane.  How bad is the result in FAST?  This is for SCREENING purposes only to sell a dance show to a client.  Is it VERY LOW quality, or LOW quality, or MEDIUM quality.  Coming from 1920x1080 HD.  I have

    2 h12 to go in Compressor.  I hope you're near your computer and can tell me soon.  I'm ready to start over if necessary.  A thousand thanks.

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    Half the quality of a HIGH QUALITY burn. 1 pass at encoding instead of 2.  And since it is now SD and not HD...of course it won't look as good as the HD. 


    Depends on how good of quality you want to show them....

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    Thank you very much for answering me so fast.  The "fastest" encoding is actually moving at a snail pace on my old 2007 MacBook Pro.  And if you say it will be 1/2 the HIGH QUALITY burn,  that makes it MEDIUM quality. which is not bad.  The old laptop has been working for many hours since yesterday and is getting even more sluggish. So I'll go for MEDIUM on Part 1 and I'll switch to HIGH for Part 2 when this one is done.  Again THANK YOU VERY MUCH.