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This is a two parter.


First, I am able to create a new section without it defaulting to a new page, but I can't find any way to create a subsequent sectionw ithout defaulting to a new page. When I select create a new section after I've already created one new section under Sectionin Setup, it doesn't allow me to choose Starting with this page. If I try to insert a section break, it automatically goes to a new page without any sort of dialogue. Pages use to have an option to insert a new layout, but I don't see this anywhere. The big problem is that I can't create a section with multiple columns and then a new section with a different number of columns. Very limiting.


Second, for years I've created borders and such by inserting an object with no fill. I've always been able to send this to the background and type in the document within the object. I have a newsletter template I've done this with. Now, I cannot type within the object. I have to move the object or delete it. If I delete it, when I paste it, it doesn't retain it's original size so I have to resize it. Quite a pain.


Are there solutions to these problems?


I'm using a recent iMac with OS 10.9.1 and the latest everything.

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    It seems that the writers of the new Pages haven't spent as much time with the previous version as you have, or they place no value on consistency.


    Columns is now a Paragraph Style Property. Select some text and set the number of columns.


    Background and Section Master have been combined into one property now. So, if you select an object and give it the Section Master Property, it will also be sent to the Background Layer.



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    Apple has stripped over 90 features from Pages 5.


    http://www.freeforum101.com/iworktipsntrick/viewforum.php?f=22&sid=3527487677f0c 6fa05b6297cd00f8eb9&mforum=iworktipsntrick


    If you are unhappy with Pages 5, Pages '09 should still be in your Applications/iWork folder.


    Archive/trash Pages 5, after Exporting your files to Pages '09, and rate/review it in the App Store, then get back to work.




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    The problem, Peter, with going back to '09 is that I use it via iCloud with my iPad quite a lot. I can't go back to iOS 6 on my iPad, as I understand it, and Pages for iOS7 docs won't open in Pages '09.


    Jerrold, thanks for the explanation. But if I  move it to section master, it's the same on every page. If I don't, I can't get it behind the text. This really *****.


    And I have written a review.

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    Well, I moved the object to Section master, but I still can't select anything inside of it.

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    It is the old Pringles dilemma.


    The price for wanting absolute consistency across all packages is a bland textureless product with no nutrition, and that tastes like cardboard without the massive amounts of added salt and flavor enhancers.


    Except with Pages 5 there is still no absolute consistency.


    Even between the very narrow band of hardware and software that support it.



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    I'm not asking for absolute consistency. Apple set this system up with the promise that you could work on things both on the iPad and on your desk top. Fewer features on the iPad versions of apps, fine. I've set up a system in my private teaching using this technology. But now they've changed it such that I can't use it that way anymore.


    This is not about consistency or blandness, this is about absolute faith in technology to make life better being proven what it is: Foolishness. Ultimately, it is not technology we've invested in but the people who control the technology. And yet, almost everyone uses it, so you can't really not use it and still function in the modern world.


    I'm just going to have to rethink how I use it and set up a back-up system so that if/when the people controlling the technology I use decide to **** it—whether that's through foolishness or malice—I can't still function.

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    I wasn't saying they were giving consistency. Just the pretence of consistency.


    I thought we had more exchangeability before with Pages 1 for iOS and Pages '09.


    As you point out it has become lose, lose, lose.


    So sad.


    Saw somewhere recently that Mavericks has had the worst take-up of any Apple OS, despite being given away free.


    I installed it on an external HDD but have had problems with it and think I shall skip it like I did with Lion.