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In a nutshell, how do I get the iPhoto library from a TM backup with user "olduser" to a computer with the username "newuser"


Here's a bit more detail


The folks at the Apple store did a clean install of Snow Leopard on an old MacBook for us and it is now much snappier.  We have a TM backup of the old machine and now want to get back the IPhoto and Itunes Library.  The Apple folks had us create a new username that is different from the user name for the TM backup.  My understanding was that we could use Migration Assistant and just check Pictures and Music, but I am getting cold feet because it is not asking what user I want this put under. My suspicion is that it will create a new user (called "olduser" and put the pictures under that user. 


Before I proceed with running Migration Assistant I'd like some guidance.


Also, will the advice work the same for iTunes library



MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Migration Assistant only imports what you select Data/Documents (includes music and photos), Settings, and/or Applications.



    Alternatively, you can open Time Machine and select the folder(s) you want to restore.

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    Well, we gave up trying to put everything from olduser TM onto newuser and let Migration Assistant create a "new" user called "olduser" that now has all her music, photos and movies with all the repsective Itunes albums, Iphoto events and imovie projects.


    The only issue is that we now have two admin accounts and the account where all the main doecuments and media reside is not the primary account.  Since they are both admin accounts, I guess that will not be a problem. 

    I am still curious as to how you use migration assistant to put your stuff from a TM onto the primary account, but we have a working solution.

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    If I understand your situation and request correctly.


    First of all the two administrator accounts are "equal" in terms of access and privilege use. I would just log-in as the newuser administrator and remove the administrator privileges from the olduser through the System Preferences, Accounts option.


    Now as the "only" Administrator you can create  folder(s) with shared privileges and/or restrict access to the main the main documents and media, or other folders. Just open the Finder and select the folder and then select Get Info (tap). On the bottom of the window you can set the access privileges.