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Hello there!


I recently purchased an iPhone 5s and I am noticing that while using Siri, her voice sounds very robotic and not like the Siri voice I left behind on my old 4s.


I purposely did not backup my iPhone 4s when I purhcased the 5s because my phone was buggy and the Apple reps said to do everything from scratch when I got my new phone.  (They didn't want the old crap to transfer to the new so I started fresh).


I read on some blogs that if people turn off / back on Siri, she 'finds' her new / better voice, but I've had no such luck.  Some people also said to turn off the 'enhanced' slider and turn it back on, which I've done as well.


I've given it 3 days -- thinking maybe she'd get a secret update or something.  But sadly, she still sounds like a robot.  I mean, she is a robot -- but she sounds WAYYYY more robotic now and not like the more natural sounding female I had on the 4s.


How can I fix this?  I use Siri ALOT and it's bugging the heck out of me!


Thanks so much!

iPhone 5s, iOS 7.0.4