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lindseydavid Level 1 Level 1

im soooo confuzed i just bought my first tv season on here but i cant figure out how to watch it ,,, it says its downloaded but i cant find it it my computer and all i can figure out how to do on i tunes is watch the preview

  • Alley_Cat Level 6 Level 6

    Did you buy it on the computer or the AppleTV?


    If on AppleTV the whole season does not download as it only has temporary storage to view items - you watch them via the Purchased section under teh main TV Shows icon.


    If downloaded/purchased on the computer they should list under TV Shows there and can be played by AppleTV using the Computers icon provided computer and itunes are running on the home network at the same time as the AppleTV is on.


    If they are not in iTunes, go to the iTunes Store home page with the house icon, and there's a Purchased 'quicklink' on the far right from where you can download any previous purchases not on the computer.