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    Just received my macbook back from repair for shutdown issue. Took it in Sunday, got it back same week Wednesday.

    They replaced:
    APP-603-9857 ASSY, BEZEL, M42 APP-603-8071 ASSY,
    HEATSINK, M42 APP-605-0994 SVC, TOP CASE W

    It sure appears Apple has a bead on the random shutdown issue.

    So far so good, the machine is up and running great... running very cool... mid 20s on battery.

    The extremely fast turnaround sure makes me think they have this issue pegged.
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    I've upgraded the memory on a few dozen laptops and
    have never seen a heat spreader on the memory. I
    can't imagine there would be enough room in most
    laptops for it anyway.

    Were they talking about desktop memory instead?

    Maybe - I'll check into it more. Thanks!
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    I have the same problem! It shutdowns random, it fails to turn on, it displays a white screen with colors lines.....Neither PMU nor PRAM reset works! So far,my Macbook works one day then "strike" in next day, and works again in the following day... Thus, I'm going to bring it to Apple center for check.
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    I'm still waiting on mine from the MAC warehouse sent it in on 8/11. They tell me its on back order and we are doing all we can. Its so frustrating, I bought this computer because I need more speed for work. One rep tells you 2-4 days another says 1-2 weeks. Then I spoke with customer relations and asked what they could do for me and they said we're SORRY. What is that about SORRY who cares about SORRY. I have nothing and they have my computer and money. SORRY doesnt do nothing. I used Apple since 1992 I never had this problem with them. Steve Jobs suxs right now.
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    Same here, happens in XP installed with BootCamp. So, as you say that rules out the software stuff and a virus as well. unless the update caused a hardware failure of some kind.

    I bought my MacBook at the end of May, started randomly shutting down two weeks ago.

    This is my first Mac and while this issue is no picnic, Apple support is light years ahead of the PC makers' support I have had in the past.

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    Apple really is trying with their new product line though. And their transition has gone faster than i though. Heck, the Mac Pro came long before i expected it. but the move to intel wont be its undoing. This is my first mac, and PC is dead to me, i wont be going back. but i have faith in apple that theyll improve on their products. and hopefully intel doesnt dillydally on their end either. I've had my MB for almost 2 months now with nary a problem. the security and firmware update are the only things i ever downloaded to this computer, beyond that the tweaking and such is nonexistent. and despite mac veterans' woes against the new wave of macs, we can all agree that windows machines are no less susceptible, even the very expensive ones. ive seen sagers die within days. dells, forget about dells. Toshiba? LOL. macs are not immune to hardware problems. My uncle has never been away from macs, but had to replace his g4 powermac when it crashed. yes crashed. hey it happens. but this is what technology does. its touchy. it dies. it screams. it burns. it gives us headaches and makes us curse like sailors, but we love it, because generally it does what its supposed to do.
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    I literally just moved to Spain a week ago (3 days after buying my MacBook - 1 day after the Random Shut Downs started) so I had to take my MB to a repair center here. I called the international help number and the woman said it'd be best if I had it with me so we could "run some tests to make sure it's not software." I told her I reset the PMU and did the PRAM thing (thanks to what I learned from you guys) and she said, "Ok, well then take it to the service center," like she was expecting it.

    Anyway, the guy at the service center said, "oh, you have the quote unquote not officially recognized problem." He told me that they have replaced the logic boards on a few that then worked fine. He did seem to make it clear though that it's not the exact same logic board, there have been some tweaks or fixes done to it that change everything.

    Luckily for me, this place was an actual repair facility so the turnaronud wil be fast. Unfortunately, they don't have any of the "new" logic boards and are awaiting a shipment from Apple. I just left it there and will be without it now for 2 weeks (doing some travelling) but hopefully it's all ready when I get back!

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    I had 2Gb of Apple ram installed by the Apple store where I bought the laptop and also have the RS problems, so don't think third party ram is the issue. At present I am waiting for my Apple Service Centre to replace the Logic Board (on back order) but I have my doubts (from reading the postings) that it will solve the problem...but I live in hope.

    I was just listening to the MacCast podcast and they
    mentioned that 3rd party ram does not have the heat
    spreaders on it that ram from Apple does and that
    this could cause over heating problems. I'll admit -
    I got 3rd party ram because I couldnt afford the
    laptop AND the ram from Apple. Now its too late, I'll
    be going into my local Apple store this weekend to
    send it in for random shutdown repair and contacting
    the company I got my ram from to return it (I'm not
    hopfull) and then I'll be saving my pennys for Apple
    ram and using my macbook that cost twice as much as a
    windows machine to run slower.

    Live and learn. I still love Apple products! I just
    don't think I'm rich enough to afford them

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    They were talking about mac pro memory not macbook.
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    YES! I'm soooo glad you mentioned this!

    This locking of the clock speed at 1000MHz upon reboot is totally weird. And when mine is locked at 1000MHz (the processor voltage also locks at .99V), the macbook never shuts down spontaneously!

    Nobody mentions the correlation between clock speed, voltage, and random shutdowns, so far as I can see. Maybe this is because people aren't running sufficient monitoring software.

    I'm going to browse a bit more for mentions of the issue. I've i don't find any, I'll start a new thread.

    macbook, ibook, powerbook g4   Mac OS X (10.4.7)  
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    I have a week 20 BlackBook, bought 21 May. Wouldn't you know the RSD started for me last night - 2 days AFTER the 90 day free support period expired???

    Here's the story: my son was on the computer last night, and told me he was watching a QuickTime movie trailer when the machine just shut off. That made me a little nervous, because I had heard of the problem but figured I was safe after so long without experiencing it. And I run that machine all day at work and often leave it on overnight. I have 10.4.7 and installed the SMC Firmware update when it came out (curing the mooing situation and generally running cooler).

    Then, this morning after letting the 'book sleep overnight, I opened it up, read some emails and then heard the fan spool up as iTunes did its hourly podcast check. The high fan speed is normal behavior, both before and after the SMC update. CPU usage can get up to 180pct in iTunes and CoreDuoTemp reports temps up to 90C while iTunes checks for updates to a couple of dozen podcasts.

    Then, as the fan started slowing down the machine shut down completely - black screen (i.e. no kernel panic), no sleep light, all quiet.

    OK, now I've seen it too, and it happened twice in a 10 hour period. No need to wait for it to happen again - call Apple!

    Since it was an educational purchase, I called the special Apple Education number in the US (800 800 2775), waited about 10-15 min, and spoke to a rep who asked for the machine's serial number. He then informed me he'd need a credit card number to charge me $49 (or $249 for AppleCare - my choice) since it was past the 90 day free phone support period. I asked him if that charge would be credited to me if it were determined to be a hardware problem (I had been told this in the past). He asked if I was sure it was a hardware problem, and I said yes, it's the Random Shutdown problem.

    He didn't ask me anything more - no PMU/PRAM reset, no Hardware Test, nothing. Just told me they'd send a box and waive the $49 charge.

    My box should arrive tomorrow...keeping my fingers crossed that whatever gets replaced will solve the problem. So far, after reading this thread and others it seems that replacing the heat sink is the repair with the least reported repeat of the problem. Does anybody know if logic board replacements include a new heat sink?

    MacBook 2.0 (Black) 2GB RAM, 120GB HD stock fm Apple   Mac OS X (10.4.7)  

    MacBook 2.0   Mac OS X (10.4.7)  
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    OK folks - I have a week 25 MacBook - white 2GHz job

    It's been running like a dream - no problems at all - till this afternoon when Bam - suddenly a Black screen

    Eventually got it restarted by holding down the power button till I got the long Beeeeeeeep

    Phoned Apple - got a case number and was told to make sure that I re-seated the RAM and then try not to worry - it may neveer happen again .

    Fime - hunted up this thread - did all the re-sets , did a complete back up and relaxed till about 5 hours later - when BAM again - yes - Black Screen

    will be phoning Apple again tomorrow - they are of course shut now - only work 8-6 .

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    Phoned Apple today - call lasted almost an hour BUT was moved up to second level without hesitation and the MB is being picked up.

    They finally admitted to me that there are many things involved in this Random Shut Down problem .

    My MB should be ready in about 1 week - but I may well not see it till mid September as I will be in France They are willing to send it to France for me.

    Here's hoping that it will be properly sorted out

    MacBook Mac OS X (10.4.7) 2GHz 1GB RAM

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    A few days ago I posted in this thread that my MacBook was running fine after my 3-week repair. This post seems to have been deleted?! Well, I have to revise that anyway: today (8 days after getting it back from repair) my MacBook started shuting down again. No good :-/
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    I bought a macbook in India about a month ago. it just died with its THIRD logic board inside it in the apple store itself. read the whole story at
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