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  • guykuo Level 1 (40 points)
    From MacTalk australia's board....

    ------ snip

    Okay guys here it is straight from the horses mouth

    Thursday night was Tech training night in Brisbane and many of the techs gave the Apple rep a real going over

    It was the common feeling that is is a RE-CALL situation, but Apple denies this, and say the Macbook is working perfectly. and is doing what it is meant to do, and shut down if its dignostics if it does not get the correct message so the computer does noy over heat, this is a saefty factor built in to the machine, and this is what the machine is doing

    Talk about a political answer, Howard could not have done better, so it was asked if the heart stops and a Dr. has a dead body he should tell the next of kin, everything is okay its just the heart has stopped pumping blood, the body is perfect just doing what it is meant to do, keel over


    Okay the faulty part was show, will upload a photo tomorrow

    It seem all the problem lies with 2 small connectors that bake under the enclosed heat on the Macbook (the Mac book Pro has more space and 2 fans) these connects then loose contact with there pins
    These leads solder onto the Heat sing side and can eay be replaced

    To logical for Mr. Apple

    They have created brand new heat sinks, with new connectors on the end of the wires (old ones are black new ones are white) we inspected the 2 heat sinks for nearly an hour and their is no other difference

    Now the problem is, that the new Heatsinks follow a prefence system

    70% going to machines manufacted after Sept 2006
    20% go to the USA for repairs to warranty claims
    10% go to the rest of the world

    132 units arrived in Australia this week
    enough for only a very small percentage of claims

    --- end snip
  • jasperboy Level 2 (160 points)
    If I may, I would like to give you an update. I got my RSS happy MB fixed in early September. Just the heat sink was replaced. For a month and a half, no problems. Yesterday, the fan started running like mad and I shut down my MB.

    Today, the fan started running like mad again. This time I waited to see what would happen. Soon, the fan fell silent. About a minute later, the fan started running again quite loudly. Then it was my MBs turn to fall silent.

    Yes, indeed, 6 weeks following the heat sink fix, RSS is back. I guess I haven't been knocking on my wooden floors enough.

    Back to the Apple Store tomorrow. They don't even ask for my name anymore. One time, a Genius asked me what the problem was and I said "I have a MacBook." He just nodded and said "I see." Kind of funny I thought.
  • mdevivo Level 1 (0 points)
    my macbook had the shut down problem after ~1 month.

    it was repaired... now (after again ~1.5 month) the same problem is happening again.. laptop back again to be fixed.

    i don't know what is happening, however in my case is happening when the case is very hot. In fact, since i desperately needed my laptop working, i spent the last few days working with the macbook on a layer of ice (NO KIDDING!)..
    you can put it in the fridge for few minutes,that also works.

    what a machine....

    my opinion is that if they do not fix this problem properly, we all should get at least an extension of the warranty for the 3 years (applecare).

    macbook   Mac OS X (10.4.7)  
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