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My HP Officejet 6500A Plus died.  Looking for a new all-in-one but would really like to have the scanner work with our iMac and MacBook Pro.  The Hp 6500 was great, but I have never been able to get any scanner to work with the Macs.  Reasonabl priced XL ink cartridges would be desirable as well.  Thanks in advance for the hlp.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    You will get some different opinions here.


    I print somewhere between 2500 to 5000 photos a year and highly recommend Epson. In addition, with Epson I have never had a problem when updating or upgrading to newer version of OS X. 

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    One other thing - the printer is set up on wireless network.  As I was looking though the discussions this seemed to be an issue with some of the all-in-ones.

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    I won't comment on what printer you should pick, that will be completely up to your taste, Though I agree that Epson is top notch when it comes to support of OS X. I use Canon MP series and am happy, although I wisht he cartridges were bigger.


    As far as using your new AIO on WIFI network. I resolved the issue by not getting a WIFI printer.

    Instead, I have it hooked up to my AirPort via USB and I'm done.

    Apple sells refurbished APExpress for $69 - $75 which can turn nearly any printer into WiFi printer.

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    I have always had excellent luck out of HP, here is a link and the top one on the right will probably suit your needs.


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    Personally I don't like or have any wireless devices and prefer that everything including my mice and keyboards be hard wired to my Mac's.


    If your HP just stopped printing from your Mac, see > Troubleshooting printer issues in OS X


    If you have upgraded to a new Mac or OS X, try >   OS X Mavericks: Set up a printer

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    In general any printer that overtly advertises OS X support is worthy of consideration.


    I have grown to favor Brother printers over those of other manufacturers. They are inexpensive, their OS X integration is well-implemented, their consumables are reasonably priced, and their technical support is free forever. If you need to call them and explain that you have a Mac, you will immediately receive competent assistance. I positively hated every inkjet printer I ever owned until buying Brother.


    Canon is a good second choice. I have grown to dislike HP printers, for all the above reasons.


    Consider a printer with AirPrint capability, if you have an iPhone, iPad, or are considering one in the future. Brother has a large selection, some less than $100.


    Read user reviews from vendor websites - Amazon is a good place to start, since Amazon lets people write almost anything they want... right, wrong, or completely idiotic.


    Read the reviews on the respective manufacturers' websites as well, but consider the likelihood of them deleting negative reviews.


    Process all those user reviews employing your own common sense, and draw your own conclusions.

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    the HP Officejet was worn out.  We operate a small business and the printer gets more than usual wear.  Since we do not have a fax set up the scanner function is really convenient for our business.  If someone wants us to fax them a document scanning would work in place of a fax. 


    I am  currently using a Canon MP560.  This was purchased to print photos - but since we can't be without a printer I've set it up to use it for the business.  I have a gut feeling that the Canon somehow is not the workhorse that the HP's have been for us and that it won't hold up to all the use the printer gets.


    In the past we've had Lexmark's and HP's and been very happy with both - but it really bothered me that we paid for the scanner with HP and they never worked.  So I resolved the next All-in-One we bought would provide "all".


    I finally got the Canon scanner to work - I'm just afraid the machine won't last.  It also does not have a document feeder - so every copy and scan is a single page at a time.


    thanks so much for your help.