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I've just started using Mavericks and it seems that some of the features I liked in Pages are missing. One that I used a lot is the auto update in "insert date and time." I usually want the date to be current to show when I last opened a file. As far as I can determine, that option is no longer available, and I'll have to manually change the date. Is this correct, or is there a way to do make it update automatically?

MacBook Pro with Retina display, OS X Mavericks (10.9.1)
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    Toolbar > + > Date & Time


    However Apple has removed over 90+ other features from Pages 5.


    http://www.freeforum101.com/iworktipsntrick/viewforum.php?f=22&mforum=iworktipsn trick


    Be careful, Pages 5 will alter/damage Pages '09 files and once opened and saved in Pages 5 or iCloud they can no longer be opened in Pages '09.


    Pages '09 is still in your Applications/iWork folder.



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    Thanks for the info. I'll need to rethink some plans for sharing files between my computers, since my desktop is still running the older applications. What is the compatibilty between Pages 5 and the version on an iPad? I wanted a new laptop with the latest software so that I could more easily share files, and sharing between the latptop and the tablet is one of the most common ways I hoped to do it. Since I can't send Pages attachments from the iPad to my older laptop or desktop (neither has iCloud), I thought that with a new MacBook I could send Pages files back and forth between it and the iPad, but if their versions of Pages are incompatible, I'm stuck using either exclusively the new MacBook or going back to my old one so that the Pages documents are in the same version, and converting Pages files to PDFs to move them from the iPad. So much for Apple's famed interface between all their devices.

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    Pages 5 requires Pages 2 for iOS on the iPad running under iOS7.


    There have been problems everywhere else, but I have been unable to fully test what happens between the iPad, the Mac, iCloud and iWork for iCloud beta.


    The lack of communication is not new with Apple. They have a tendency to talk the talk but not necessarily walk the walk.



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    I've made an appointment with the Genius Bar at one of the Apple Stores to try and sort out what I can and canot do. Hopefully I'll learn more in this discussion forum and through trial and error before then. I attended workshops on iCloud and Mavericks just last week and believe I was assured that I could work on files in both older and new versions of Pages, but either I misunderstood or the instructor didn't get what I was asking (or didn't have the correct info).