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My 19 month old son hyperextended, then used as a sit and bounce, my hp laptop wich is my prefured platfor for computing. I now in the market for a new cpu.  a desk top take up too much room and lap tops are fazing out to hybrid tablets simeler to the Ipad.  Now I love my Iphone 5 and have 796 days of music, movies and videos in my Itunes.  I want a hybid tablet but for all my serches and inquires, all I get is the brochure. I want to know IF and WICH hybrid can and will run Itunes.  I meen every hp, dell, and other WINDOWS base cpu run Itunes.  I know I need one that has a usb port but that doesnt mean it will run Itunes. I shouldnt have to choose.

new windows platform, Other OS, I guess the newest windows out.