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is this why Apple gives you 500 gb of space .

when i tossed my 25 gig IBM ..i thought wow 500 GB..


i look and i look into my all files section and there just is not this 404.46 GB of stuff....of anything!!!!


could my computer be storing something for government viewing, or Apple viewing...i can't view!!!


i don't do ilegal crap...yet there is this 404.46 GB of files i  cannot view for some odd reason...


these daisy things and omni sweepers what ever..people just say they view your files ..


will those programs show me the 404.46..


or can someone direct me to my computer area where i could see this crap..




or does my mac need that amount of something to make 78.52 gigs of movies, audio, photos and apps run!!!!




totally perplexed...


sorry for bold type...frustrated totally


iMac (21.5-inch Mid 2011), iOS 5.1