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When I plug in my ipod, it only shows a plug-in and lightning bolt with the red bar on the battery symbol.  I have already had it plugged into computer and outlet for extended periods of time. Is it possible that by yanking the charger out, the port was damaged? Is there anyway to repair it? Help? Thanks!

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Not Charge

- See:      

iPod touch: Hardware troubleshooting

iPhone and iPod touch: Charging the battery

- Try another cable. Some 5G iPods were shipped with Lightning cable that were either initially defective or failed after short use.

- Try another charging source

- Inspect the dock connector on the iPod for bent or missing contacts, foreign material, corroded contacts, broken, missing or cracked plastic. Yes it is likely that the post was damaged by pulling out the plug.

- Make an appointment at the Genius Bar of an Apple store.

Apple Retail Store - Genius Bar                          

Apple will exchange your iPod for a refurbished one for this price. They do not fix yours.

Apple - iPod Repair price                       

A third-party place like the following will replace the connecto for less. Google for more.

iPhone Repair, Service & Parts: iPod Touch, iPad, MacBook Pro Screens