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I recent check with Apple to IF I can STILL get Mountain Lion (ML) for a late 2010 MacBook Air. WOW, to my surprise , the link that was sent to me to purchase ML, also had an option for Snow Leopard. I thought it was extinct. Who knew! Ask and you shall recieve.

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Without SL to access App Store, you cannot get Lion/ML/Mavericks.  SL cannot be killed without cutting off users of earlier systems.  Maybe when all older systems are considered useless and the new OSX supports only 2012+ systems SL will be only available through Amazon.

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    I forgot to mention that I already have SL. It is STILL on my old MacBook and am currently using a late 2010 Air AND with the iPhone 5s with iCloud, well, I thought I'll NEVER upgrade to ML. Now I'll have eat my own words.......


    SL is amazing. I never had any problem with it and you are right about Apple keeping it for older systems, upgrading to ML, etc. With Safari 5.1.10 on SL, I noticed that I was having problems with three websites - viewing them. I opened Firefox and all three worked perfectly. I had the similar problem when I had Panter on my lovely eMac.