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Hey guys,


I already had a look at the old questions, but they did not really help, so I hope I am not spamming or anything..


I am using 10.5.8 and would like to use the web-sharing feature (I am using ethernet to connect my laptop to the internet and I would like to use it to get wi-fi on my iPhone). I am pretty sure that I got all of the settings right (and it is also turned on on the left side) but when I turn it on, nothing is happening. The airport icon does not change and my iPhone isn't able to find the network.
It works perfectly fine when I am using my boyfriends MacBook Pro (using the exact same settings)..


Is there anything else that I can check on? I think I read something somewhere about the IP adress, but I wasn't quite sure whether that was applicable to my situation.


I am thankful for any suggestions!!!


Thanks in advance!

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    lucia14 wrote:


    I would like to use it to get wi-fi on my iPhone


    I am afraid I don't understand the above. Can you express it in another way?

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    Bild 3.pngI hope this helps. I am sorry that it is in german though, but there shouldn't be a huge differnce (although I think the feature I am looking for is called "personal web-sharing" and not "web-sharing" in english, sorry about that).


    It is activated, but no network is created e.g. the airport icon does not change.

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    I think part of the confusion is what are you actually trying to do?


    Internet Sharing, is the ability to make your Mac act much like a cell phone in tether mode.  Some limitations:

    1. With internet sharing you can't use the same networking standard to share as you are using to receive the internet. 


    2. Security may not be the same or as good a router that lets you share ethernet on the computer and send out WiFi to another device.


    3. Your internet usage on the machine with Internet Sharing will slow down because the bandwidth it uses to share to other devices.


    4. No specific folder is shared.


    Web sharing, makes your Users-> yourname -> Sites folder the webhost where you can dump raw web files for browsing your own personalized webpages as long as your internet provider lets you share the ports for web sharing.



    1. Your internet access will slow when sharing is up because most internet providers give you asynchronous communication, meaning your path to the internet provider is slower than the path from the internet provider.


    2. A router can limit traffic into your computer from people trying to access your website.


    3. Your machine is not giving access to another computer, it merely is giving them access to your personal webpages.

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    As far as I can tell you are trying to get 'Internet sharing' working and not  'personal web-sharing' or 'web-sharing'.


    If so I advise that you repost with the correct subject.