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Has anyone ever used the USB adapter for iPad? I know they specify camera but I need something to transfer documents between iPad and PC.



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    You can use it to sync, but not as a storage connection.

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    USB adapter for iPad


    What are we talking about?  Sync cable or Camera connection kit? 


    but I need something to transfer documents between iPad and PC.

    Camera connection kit.


    The usb connector for the ipad as lots of restrictions.

    -- It is an input only connection

    -- only supports input of pictures & video

    -- low power only usb devices.





    You will have better luck with the sync cable.


    There are lots of ways of moving files.


    A simple and popular way to copy files and share files amoung your devices.



    Using iTunes to transfer files:



    Files Connect -- The swiss army knife of remote file connect



    iExplorer -- " iExplorer's disk mounting features allow you to use your iPhone, iPod or iPad like a USB flash drive."



    Windows File server








    This dual personality device is both a WebDav device which allows you to transfer files via Wifii between device & iPad and a thumb drive which works with compuers.


    Wireless operation:


         Web browser WiFi b/g capable device

         Optimized experience for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad via HTML5

         No internet connection required


    USB operation:


         Compatible with most operating systems that support USB Mass Storage Class (thumb drives)

         Firmware update via file drag and drop