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Before the holidays... everything works great.

After the holidays (and one software update later)... My Apple TV won't show my photostream pictures when I try to access them via the screensaver menue selection.

I even went to the iCloud photos selection on  the Apple TV main menue and finally got all the photostream photos to show up there. (at first all I could see was an endless stream of black squares where the pictures should be. After about 15 or so minutes the pictures started to load and was able to start the screen saver with that connection.

But no matter what I try I cannot get the Photostream screensaver to show any of my pictures when I use the Apple TV screensaver settings. (Air Play with my iPad and all the otther screensaver options work well however.)

I am assuming the problem stem from the latest software update which I performed about a week before early January. This is the first time I've useing the screensaver since thanksgiving when I switch to holiday music and pictures for the screensaver.


Anyone have any ideas how to get the screensaver to work like it should?