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.Thank you in advance just wondering if my Imac can have fusion drive, seen a youtube vid with fusion drive but it was 27 inch, so I am not sure and on the Apple store didnt notice it as an up grade for the 21.5 inch, because of size maybe motherboard another size unless I over looked it, Why do I want it no clue always used a pc I bought this Imac cause it looked really nice and talked to people they love Apple products, also figured never see used macs for sale like dells left and right, so I figured they must last forever. but back to the fusion drive just like the speed, I also like it to do photoshop, final cut,Imovie. can someone tell if I need to run a compatability test on it from apple and a link to it, or looking through the "about this Mac"


Thank You


iMac, OS X Mavericks (10.9.1)
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    From what is written in the Apple Store page for iMac 21.5 and 27" models, the 21.5 can be equipped with a 1TB Fusion drive, or 256GB flash, or 512GB flash, as options. There are more BTO options for the 27" model.


    Not sure what an Apple Store would charge you to upgrade a new iMac to one of those, but you could call ahead and set an appointment with a product specialist, a Genius, to discuss the matter. If they can do it, then you'd probably arrange to take the computer in so someone could do the job and not interfer with the AppleCare plan coverage. Authorized persons should be the only ones to open up and upgrade; however the BTO models in the 21.5" would be the normal path to get that upgrade. Just like RAM, there is no user access to upgrade. (Built-to-Order ships from an Apple Store online.)


    So that'd be my suggestion, ask them directly at an official Apple Store or see if Apple Support online http://www.apple.com/support/contact/ can answer the question for you, to see if the product can be upgraded by an Apple tech in a store near you.


    Good luck & happy computing!

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    Thank you K Shaffer,

    I will give them a call and find out.

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    Hopefully they will have an answer you can live with...


    If the computer has been in your possession for under

    14 days, you may be able to take it back & upgrade to

    another model with the hardware you want, ask.


    Good luck & happy computing!