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I recently upgraded to FCP7 from FCP6. I am now having an issue in playback with all video transitions. When I add a transition to my video it does not consistently play smoothly. I now appears to have an old "film" like flicker rolling through the effect. Our video was shot on a dslr and brought into FCP with compressor as a prores 422 file. We use magic bullet for our coloring effects which are in place on this video. When I was working on the project in FCP6 I did not have this problem. When the project was complete we upgraded to FCP7. The client has now come back to us wanting additional footage. So I opened the old project up into FCP7 and checked yes to all format updates to meet with FCP7 guidelines. So far this is the only problem I've encountered. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Is the material on the timeline fully rendered or is FCP trying to "Realtime" a lot of effects?


    Much of this also depends on the computer and hard drives involved in the playback.



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    The sequence has been rendered in full, we did this without ever stoping and re-starting it. We are editing on an IMac osx 10.8.5, processor 3.4 ghz intel core 17, memory 8 gb 1333 mhz ram. Our external hard drive that we always edit off of is a 3 Terabyte OWC Mercury Elite-AL Pro connected with a firewire 800 cable.

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    This appears to only be affecting playback. I just rendered a small segment and the exported portion seems to be fine. Very strange.

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    usually this is an indication that it is NOT fully rendered.  Go to the sequence menu, render selection and make sure ALL options are checked.  Not particularly inuitive. 

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    For me it looks like conflict with field order (upper, lower - interlaced).


    Please, check Your sequence settings, maybe it should be set to "field order NONE" if Your source is progressive.


    Next thing You could check:

    in Your timeline with bad transitions look into "Effecs tab" - maybe FCP 7 added "shift field filter +/-1" after opening FCP 6 project.


    In general - try to keep sequence settings same as source settings.