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Have been trying to free up space on my internal hard drive. Have placed entire iphoto library on external hard drive and have checked all photos are there. But cannot use iphoto manager from that location without losing all events and folders (the entire library appears in one window). Don't want to trash the old library until I know I can use iphoto 'as before'. Now have two versions of photo library after I merged everything hoping that would help, so even less space now. Still on snow leopard as haven't enough room for mavericks upgrade! Any ideas that are not too technical, thanks.

imac, Mac OS X (10.5.1)
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    Sorry but your query is not clear.


    The location of the LIbrary doesn't affect the operation of Library Manager at all.


    What format is the external disk?


    What are you trying to do?

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    hi there, I was trying to clear some of internal hard drive on my imac but the iphoto library manager doesn't seem to work as soon as i put the iphoto library into trash (the one from the mac HD). The photos are on my external HD (i've formatted to journaled) and is working ok but all the libraries are in 'red' on the iphoto library manager as if the photos are missing. thanks, hope that is clear.

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    The photos are on my external HD (i've formatted to journaled)

    Do you mean there's an iPhoto LIbrary on your EHD with your photos?  Then launch iPLM and click on the Add Library buttuo at the top:iPhoto Library Manager001.jpg


    Navigate to the EHD and select the library there.



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    Hi Terrance.

    I see you have responded to a few of these queries. I am hoping you can help me. I copied my iphoto library to an external drive then trashed the iphoto library on the internal drive and emptied trash. The library is gone in finder but hasn't been removed from disk space. I can't rebuild the library as it doesn't exist. The library on the external is working fine but I'm down to a gig on my internal (my external is my Time machine backup too and is nearly full with only a current backup and one older one and the iphoto folder - obviously 750gig not enough for a 300gig internal).

    So I have no trace of the deleted internal library but can't recover the space on the internal disk!!!!

    Can you help please???

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    That's not really an iPhoto question, more one about the Finder.


    but I'm down to a gig on my internal


    Do you mean you only have one gig of free space on your internal drive?


    Try use an app like GrandPerspective




    to see what's using up your disk space.




    Having a time machine back up and your iPhoto library on one disk is the same as not having any back up at all. If the disk goes down you lose everything. You need a second disk.

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    Thanks for that, I tried grandperspective and comes out with a 300gig part as sparsebundle and then a lot of very small separate files. I think the iphoto library is hidden in this sparsebundle.

    I know I will have to get another external, was just wanting to get rid of the iphoto library so I could free up space on the Macbook but haven't achieved this. I will try and find a Finder Guru but if you have any other ideas I'll be grateful.



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    Hi Terrance,

    I couldn't find anything else on this subject. Before bed I opened Disk Utility and verified disk - didn't find anything. Then verified disk permissions - didn't come up with anything so clicked repair disk permissions and let it go while I went to bed.

    Opened computer tonight and now the appropriate space is showing on the internal drive. So maybe these processes helped? I have no idea but it might be something you understand and can help the next person with.