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Hey all. Long story short I'm trying to wipe out pretty much all the junk on my sister's old lapetop that's the same as mine Powerbook g4 15 in. I had a HD failure and want to use her laptop temporarily to save all my photos online.( I have many time machine backups that I can restore from, just not enough free space) The HD is practically full but there really isnt much on it ( 150 pictures, maybe 150 songs, ect.) and of course osx 10.5.8. Is there a way to wipe everything off the internal HD except the os?  Her optical drive is broken, and I have an external one. I tried booting from the disk but it just wouldn't let me. I'm afraid if I wipe out EVERYTHINg I wont be able to reload leopard. Thanks!

PowerBook, Mac OS X (10.5.8), 1.5 GHz PowerPC G4
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    Do you have any of the original or retail OS X 10.5.x installation disks? If not why not manually discard to trash all the unwanted stuff.


    You could get an external hard drive (beg, borrow, or buy) with firewire connection and make a bootable clone from which you can run

    Disk Utility to wipe the drive.


    It will probably be less expensive and a lot less trouble to get a retail 10.5.x install disk off eBay and don't buy an gray colored Mac OS X install disks. 

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    I have the original disk I used to put the os on the computer. It will not let me boot it. It will show up on the desktop, but when I chose the option to install it restarts and does nothing. I don't get the option to erase and install a clean version, or recovery patition at start up.. GRR.... So I could use ccc, make a bootable copy and wipe the disk once i'm running off external? Just cant wipe it while using it if I can't boot from disk, right?  Thanks for yoyr response!